Hero Xoom 110: Long Term Update – 3,849km

Akshay Jadhav
Swapping my ADV for a scooter

Being a hardcore off-road and ADV enthusiast, I seldom ride scooters, but the Hero Xoom 110 caught my attention the first time I saw it in the office parking lot. Of course, strings were pulled and I have been using it as my steed for daily commutes. To give a short summary, the Xoom 110 has been a hoot to ride!

That’s mainly down to its motor that delivers 8.15PS and the Xoom 110’s compact dimensions. It easily reached speeds of up to 80kmph on open stretches and felt like it can cruise at those speeds all day long. While its compact dimensions come handy for filtering through traffic that seems to be getting worse with each passing day, the scooter is large enough for my six-feet plus frame! The seat is quite accommodating and there is enough legroom so I do not feel cramped but on the flip side, I can not carry any stuff on the front footboard. I guess it is a size issue as Vaibhav has comfortably carried his camera bag on the footboard the couple of times he has borrowed the scooter. I am beginning to appreciate the practicality of scooters, especially compact scooters, much to Ben’s delight.

I love the way the Xoom looks. The sharp lines and the headlamp design are a head turner but for me, it is the small things, like the usable grab rail that’s neatly integrated into the bodywork. The Xoom 110 also fares well on the practicality front. The carefully integrated USB charger above the front storage compartment ensures that your electronic devices are safely stored while charging. It’s 19.2 litre underseat storage is enough to store a half-face helmet along with a few small items.

I even tried venturing into the unknown with the Xoom 110 and on one particular occasion, I got to experience the benefits of having cornering lamps which light up as soon as the vehicle tilts on its respective sides. At first, I thought it might be a gimmick but soon realised it is a very utilitarian feature when it comes to riding through the poorly lit roads in the urban jungle.

The suspension works well and although ride quality is on a slightly firmer side, complement the scooter’s character brilliantly. The 12-inch wheels soak up most of the bumps and offer impressive straight line stability making it quite the fun-to-ride scooter.
Overall, my experience of living with the Hero Xoom 110 has been a positive one and I was a bit sad to see it go.

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