Royal enfield bullet 350: Long Term Update – 1,856km

Benjamin Gracias
A different lens to look at the world

What is it that makes the Royal Enfield Bullet endearing to generations, besides the signature dug-dug exhaust note of course? I feel it is the motorcycle’s ability to slow down time. The world as we know it is fast paced. Riding the Bullet seems to slow it down. The relaxed riding position and laid-back motor ask of you to slow down and take in the world around you. It’s like looking at the world through a different lens.

It’s a different kind of charm, a different world with these motorcycles. The Bullet is special. It connects with you in a way few other motorcycles can. Like the KTM 390 Duke – the only difference being the intense ride experience is replaced with a sense of calm. When I am not riding fast, I tend to spend my time on a motorcycle gathering my thoughts, letting my mind out in a controlled state of wander. It’s my way of meditating. My way of motorcycle therapy. It’s something you can’t really do in a car and something you can do very well on a Bullet.

It isn’t perfect in the way of Japanese precision. The fuel gauge isn’t precise and one of the turn indicators looks like it will for off. For me though, the Bullet is perfect as it does exactly what I expect of it. To keep on riding without missing a beat. It is reliable as well, as I have come to expect of modern Royal Enfields. The wife loves it too and prefers pillion rides on the Bullet to my other longtermers. Maybe she too finds her nirvana on the Bullet.

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