Viaterra Fender gloves

Sayantan De

What is it?

ViaTerra’s recently launched Fender daily riding gloves come in six different shades – apart from the classic red and black and hi-visibility green and orange, it is available in some very sober grey and brown shades as well. The gloves have a breathable micro-suede palm, which is soft but feels durable. The reinforcements in the thumb and also the area between the thumb and index finger make for a secure throttle grip. The mesh upper portion provides decent airflow, even at slower speeds. The knuckle protection fits perfectly as well. One of the clever features is that the capacitive material for smartphone operation, present on the thumb and index finger, is not at the bottom of the finger, but rather around the edge, which makes tapping on the phone that much easier. Overall, these are a good pair of daily riding gloves.

Rs 1,799

Where can I buy one?

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