Clan SNKR Stealth Edition

Benjamin Gracias
We review Clan’s newest pair of riding shoes

What is it?
Clan SNKR Stealth Edition are urban riding shoes that are designed to be comfortable enough for everyday use while offering protection similar to riding boots.

What we liked?
• The subtle styling makes it a good everyday shoe as it goes well with your everyday casual attire. It comes in all black with red, white or orange accents and sole. The boot has an oiled leather construction with a satin sheen which while looking understated feels premium to the touch.

• The shoes feature robust construction with a thick leather upper construction and a high density sole.

• The flat sole offers sneaker like comfort. Rubber construction offers good grip even in slippery conditions like wet gravel, cement or mud.

• Quite comfortable to walk around in. Flexibility is similar to a leather high-top sneaker.

• Gets a subtle reflector patch at the back which while looking understated, is a good safety touch. Protectors are neatly integrated and do not protrude anywhere ensuring sneaker levels of fit and comfort. Gets toe, heel and ankle protection.

• Gear shifter protector is neatly integrated in the left sneaker. It looks like any other casual sneaker. Waterproof version available (₹900 extra)

Scope for improvement
• Can do with extra protection in the heel area, like a taller heel plate. Need more ventilation, maybe in the tongue area of the shoe. This especially in the non waterproof version.

• Needs more colour options.

₹5,499 (non-WP), ₹6,399 (WP)

The Clan SNKR Stealth Edition shoes come across as a versatile pair of everyday riding boots. At the price, they are one of the most affordable riding boots on offer and given the fit and finish levels, are good value for money. While we like the comfort these shoes offer, we would like to see some more protection especially in the heel area. That said, the current protection is enough for everyday city riding. If you are not concerned about ventilation, we’d suggest you go for the waterproof versions as they will can be used during the rainy season as well.

Where can I buy one?

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