Reise tripR tyres

Ritesh Patil

What is it?

Reise tripR are the first-in-segment multipurpose tyres for scooters designed to take on both smooth tarmac as well as dirt tracks. We got these fitted on our longterm TVS Ntorq to test them out.

What we liked?
• The grip levels feel significantly better than the standard tyres that it replaces, especially on rough roads.

• The directional block treads cover even the shoulders for better cornering grip even on dirt roads.

• The directional groove channels dissipate water easily, offering better control in the wet.

• The scooter remains stable under hard braking conditions.

• 42 months of unconditional warranty and six years of standard warranty.

Scope for improvement
• The front end feels slightly heavier to operate than before.

• Given the block tread pattern, there is a bit of tyre noise.

Rs 1,925 (100/80-12 Front), Rs 2,255 (110/80-12 Rear)

The Reise tripR is a good tyre if you plan to take your scooter for long distance touring thanks to its robust build which feels better equipped to take on the surprises that Indian roads have to offer. The enhanced grip on the rough roads is another benefit. It is available for various scooters, including high sellers like the Honda Activa. 

Where can I buy one?

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