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Abhishek Vasudev triumphed in the Professional category and Md Samrul Zubair dominated the Amateur category to claim the championship title in the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup Season 3, with 54 and 76 points, respectively

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Coimbatore, November 20, 2022: A spectacular championship of the JK Tyre presents Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup Season ‘23 concluded yesterday at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. After a grueling racing season which started in August and spanned over three months, season 3 of India’s uniquely inclusive motorcycle racing championship witnessed eight action-packed races over the course of three rounds. With a whopping 200 entries, the final grid featured the top 25 riders, consisting of 10 professionals and 15 amateurs battling it out on the circuit on the race-ready Royal Enfield Continental GT-R650.

This adrenaline-pumping series is designed to increase accessibility to track racing for newcomers and experienced racers alike. It stands as a testament to Royal Enfield’s philosophy of ‘Pure Sport’ and in line with the same, the season marked a continuation of the Pro-Am format, which was introduced last year.

Commenting on the conclusion of another successful season of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup 2023, Adrian Sellers, Head – Custom and Motorsport, Royal Enfield said, ”The continued success of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup is a testimony to our efforts to make track-racing accessible to those budding and aspiring racers in the country. This unique racing championship has gained immense popularity in just two years and season 3 has truly been exhilarating. How the races have unfolded this year speaks volumes about the abundance of racing talent in India and the grit of these racers on the race track. Strengthening our efforts towards enabling track-racing, we recently introduced the Royal Enfield Track School training programme for aspiring racers to hone their skills on the racetrack and further ‘fuel’ their passion for track racing. We hope this will help more racing aspirants enhance their riding as well as racing skills. A big congratulations to all the winners. We’re looking forward to coming back next year with even greater intensity, enthusiasm and the now familiar display of ‘Pure Sport racing spectacle’ that the GT Cup represents.” 

This season of the JK Tyre presents Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup was hotly contested in both the Amateur as well as the Professional categories, so much so that the outcome of both championships came down to the 8th and last race of the season.

The front runners for the Amateur category – Md. Samrul Zubair, Vignesh Goud and Kayan Patel all finished within a 17 point gap with Zubair taking the Championship with 76 points and Goud and Patel equalling their points tally at 59 each, but Goud got the advantage due to his 3 race wins.

The Professional category was a roller coaster of a series, with Abhishek Vasudev, Jagadeesh Nagaraj and Ullas Nanda always fighting for the top 3 on the podium with the likes of Raj Kumar and Soorya PM close at their heels. Finally, we ended up with Abhishek Vasudev at the top step of the championship with 54 points, followed by Nagaraj and Nanda with 45 and 39 points each.

The Continental GT Cup Season ‘23 proved to be the ultimate battleground for dedicated racers and the races were thrilling to watch with plenty of last minute action leading upto many nail biting finishes. 


Professional Category

Abhishek Vasudev

          Jagadeesh Nagaraj

              Ullas S Nanda
Amateur Category

Md Samrul Zubair

        Vinesh Goud

              Kayan Zubin Patel

With various motorcycle racers competing to win this precious cup and make a mark for themselves in the motorsports world, the third season of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup met the high hopes of both aspiring and seasoned racers nationwide. Looking ahead, Royal Enfield envisions ambitious plans for the next year, pledging to offer even more exhilarating opportunities for budding racers while taking the championship experience to unparalleled levels.

As part of Royal Enfield’s diversified global Motorsports programme, the Track School program coexists alongside the Continental GT Cup. Royal Enfield Track School shall be held in multiple cities across India, and will provide participants with a track-spec Royal Enfield GT650 twin-cylinder motorcycle for track training. The aspiring racers will have the opportunity to enhance their riding skills in a supervised yet challenging  environment, led by race winning instructors and an opportunity to participate in the Continental GT Cup Season ‘24. In the near future, additional Track school locations and dates will be announced.

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