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Come home to Vagator, Goa from November 22-24, for Royal Enfield’s Motoverse 2024

Note: The information is from a press release sent to us by the manufacturer. TURBOCHARGED is not responsible for any inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the below data.

New Delhi, June 21, 2024: The countdown to Motoverse 2024 has officially begun, as Royal Enfield kicks off registrations to its annual motorcycling festival; alongside registrations for ‘Ride to Motoverse’ – a unique experience that allows groups of like-minded riders to chart a fun and scenic route down to Goa for Motoverse.

An annual symphony of thumping engines and euphonic beats, Motoverse is home to loyalists of the motorcycling way of life. Whether it’s their love for a life on two wheels, their passion for music and art, or the undeniable essence of camaraderie; this year’s homecoming promises to be bigger and better, offering enthusiasts an immersive experience over three power-packed days. 

Among a host of new elements, Royal Enfield has introduced ‘Ride to Motoverse’, a homage to a Motoverse rite of passage, that harks back to the humble beginnings of this festival, where the ride to this motorcycling haven was as thrilling as the festival itself. Join in on the opportunity to ride with like-minded people to Goa, from across the country.

In its fourteenth edition, Motoverse has become a bastion of motorcycling culture and a celebration of the motorcycling way of life both on and off the saddle. From diverse live music performances and stunning art exhibits to meaningful conversations on motorcycling heritage and inspirational talks by industry legends; Motoverse will feature five dimensions – MotoVille, MotoThrill, MotoReel, MotoSonic and MotoShop.

MOTOVILLE isa space that brings to life the narrative of riding culture. Ranging from exploration, and cruising, to street and custom, Motoville is home to four sections covering motorcycles, fashion, food and lifestyle in one space.

MOTOTHRILL is where thrill-seekers thrive and is the epicentre of high-octane action. Test your skills on the Dirt Track and earn your bragging rights; learn from experts at the flat track by Slide School or learn everything there is to know about off-roading at Trail School. You could also choose to learn the art of playing with traction on an oil-stained flat track! Either way, the knowledge is sure to make you more confident behind the handlebar once you have your helmet on!

MOTOREEL isa platform dedicated to incredible stories of passion and grit. This year’s lineup includes Laura & Dave Chamberlain the father-daughter duo that has traversed more than 19,000 miles on their Royal Enfield Himalayans to raise money for cancer research; highly acclaimed motorcycle stuntman and Guinness World Record holder, Lee Bowers and popular creators in the adventure touring segment, Nathalie Depierraz & Jolta Gurra, who are on a mission to discover every corner of the world on the Royal Enfield Himalayans.

MOTOSONIC is a testament to the harmony between music and motorcycling. Featuring a varied lineup of genres and musical styles, Motosonic is bound to keep you grooving. While the main Motosonic stage hosts fan-favourite artists from the industry, there are also smaller dedicated stages by Spotify that serve as gateways to discover fresh artists and new tunes.

MOTOSHOP is the answer to all your motorcycling apparel needs. Riding gear, motorcycle accessories, fashion, art – you name it! Prepare to find everything you need under one roof to ride in style and safety.

RIDES IN GOA (Explore Goa with Royal Enfield on two wheels) is a curated experience to engage with more than just the sun, sand and sea in Goa. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of this coastal favourite and explore all things Goan. From riding to a local brewery and learning about hops and fermentation to exploring some trails with Dakar stalwarts, Hotspots is a must-add to your Motoverse itinerary!

At the heart of Motoverse lies the powerful intersection of motorcycling culture and music. Taking their partnership to support homegrown talent, to the next level, Royal Enfield and Spotify will introduce an incredible lineup of RADAR artists this year. Creating an interactive space where the energy of music seamlessly blends with the spirit of riding, this dedicated platform at Motoverse will serve as a one-stop spot to discover fresh music and homegrown talents across genres.

Registrations go live at 6:00 p.m. today! Please visit the Royal Enfield website to register and get ready to witness the convergence of music, art, fashion, heritage and pop culture with some of the greatest riders, artists, musicians, and storytellers from all across the country.

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