Fastrack Xtreme Pro: Review

Priyan Benoy
The Fastrack Xtreme Pro impresses with its vibrant 3.6cm AMOLED display

The Fastrack Xtreme Pro is a tough smartwatch built for everyday use. It’s water-resistant, has a clear display that’s easy to read outdoors, and comes with handy features like a flashlight, calculator, and games

With its conventional round design, the watch lives up to its rugged reputation, boasting IP68 water resistance. During our use, it took a few hits without a single scratch. The scrollable and clickable crown makes menu navigation easy, and a quick action sports button adds convenience. The dual-buckle strap is comfortable and ensures a snug fit.

This is where the Fastrack Xtreme Pro pleasantly surprised me: the 3.6 cm AMOLED display showcases vibrant and crisp colors, remaining sufficiently bright under direct sunlight even at 80 percent brightness.

Running on Fastrack’s proprietary OS, the Fastrack Xtreme Pro strikes a good balance between function and form. There are several watch faces to choose from, and a quick right swipe shows your activity progress for the day. Further swipes reveal sleep quality (if you wear it to sleep), heart rate, weather, and music controls (if your phone is paired). The menu can be displayed either as a list or as icons. Additionally, sliding down from the top provides quick access to controls such as display settings, brightness, DND, and more. 

Health Tracking
“Comprehensive” is the best way to describe the health tracking features of the Fastrack Xtreme Pro. It offers multiple sports modes, including outdoor run, walk, indoor walk, run, long jump, strength training, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, indoor cycling, elliptical, yoga, cricket, and even mountain climbing and golf. Naturally, it includes a pedometer that accurately tracks your daily steps. Additionally, it comes with a heart rate monitor, Spo2 sensor and a sleep monitor, all of which are dependable. Interestingly, it also features a stress monitor. 

Features of Interest 
The Xtreme Pro has a suite of interesting features too, it gets a flashlight (read the screen goes white) but credit where its due it works, it also gets a calculator voice recorder and even mini games! Jigsaw puzzle, tic tac toe and more.

The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with the ‘Fastrack Smart World’ app to track activity, control music, and receive calls. Additionally, the Xtreme Pro displays incoming WhatsApp calls as well, call quality is adequate for the price. 

We’ve been using the watch for a week now with moderately high usage, taking it off only at night, and the battery is still at 30 percent—that’s impressive! It also comes with its own charging cable included in the box.

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch with a conventional design, excellent display, and comprehensive health activity tracking, the Fastrack Xtreme Pro is worth your time.

₹ 3,999.00

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