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Saneet Dsilva
Some of India’s fastest cars gathered under one roof, for the Supercar Festival

Photography- Vaibhav Dhanawade, Siddhant Gadekar

As an automotive journalist I get to drive the latest and the greatest cars out there! But before I became one, the only way for me to experience these high-performance cars was through a screen, just like almost every young car enthusiast in our country. Attending a supercar event in India was out of the question, which seemed like entering an exclusive circle, as these were mostly invite-only shindigs or curtailed by expensive tickets that the average Joe simply couldn’t afford, just to catch a glimpse from the sidelines.

As an enthusiast publication, we wanted to break these barriers, to bring the cars we are lucky enough to get behind the wheel of, as close as possible to you, the enthusiasts. We wanted to gather the most exotic cars in the country and create a space where enthusiasts and commoners alike can all meet, share our love, passion, and the pure emotion we have for cars. And that’s exactly where the idea for the Supercar Festival was born, an event crafted for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.
We collaborated with Phoenix Marketcity in Pune, renowned as one of the city’s most popular malls, with the goal of ensuring the event’s accessibility. After amassing a combined horsepower of more than 5,000PS, the stage was set for the Supercar Festival. The gates swung open at 11 am, welcoming a surge of enthusiasts. A sparkle lit up their eyes as they engaged in discussions about the statistics and specifications of the machines on display.

Range Rover SV
The Range Rover consistently stood out as a crowd favourite. Its imposing size in comparison to the compact sports cars demanded the attention of onlookers. What left everyone in awe, apart from its high price, were its unbelievable specifications. Positioned above the top-spec Autobiography variant, the SV is poised to rival the likes of Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga.

Mercedes-AMG SL 55
The Mercedes-AMG SL 55, an icon in Mercedes’ history, made a significant impression in its latest convertible iteration. Mercedes-Benz has long been a favourite among Indians, dating back to the days of the cult movie Dil Chahta Hai, and the latest model brings every child’s drawing of a dream car to life. The clamour from the crowd for dropping the top was incessant.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS
Arguably the preferred choice among Indian journalists, the Porsche GT4 RS, a road-legal race car, emerged as another crowd pleaser. The prominent wing alone turned it into a spectacle that captured the imaginations of many. The icing on the cake was the Weissach pack – adorned with carbon fibre elements and race seats with harnesses – which left everyone in awe. The naturally aspirated flat-six engine, coupled with the sports exhaust, elicited goosebumps all around.

Lexus LC 500h
The Lexus LC 500h holds the distinction of being one of the rarest cars in the country, and it’s one that has personally captured my heart. I had the pleasure of driving it from Mumbai to Pune for the Supercar Festival. Not only did it garner attention and appreciation within the mall, but it also turned heads on the road. Its unique design language sets it apart, and the chrome grille and wheels, without a doubt, make it look drop-dead gorgeous.

BMW M340i
No car festival is complete without a BMW; the M340i was the chosen representative at the mall. This car blends practicality with performance, all at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors. My personal encounter with the turbocharged inline-6 engine left me thoroughly impressed and astounded. It’s genuinely an undervalued car that I look forward to spending more time with. The technological features inside are truly exceptional, and the fit and finish live up to the exacting standards of German engineering.

Porsche Taycan
Representative of the future, the Porsche Taycan took centre stage as the sole electric vehicle at the Supercar Festival 2023. The audience expressed a particular interest in getting a sneak peek inside, eager to catch a glimpse of its four displays. Although electric vehicles are not typically associated with enthusiast appeal, the Taycan defies this notion, thanks to its association with the Porsche brand. It effortlessly conceals the typical electric vehicle nuances with its sophisticated design both internally and externally, with substantial wheels and brakes contributing to its unmistakable Porsche DNA.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S
You can’t substitute a V8, and the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, with its power, boasts a bi-turbo one (the more turbochargers, the merrier?). It’s the ideal vehicle for chauffeuring your kids to school at 7 am when they decide to wake up at 6:45 am. In contrast to its first-generation counterpart, this Panamera is a visual stunner. The additional flair of the three-piece wing has inundated the internet, with everyone capturing the moment on their smartphones. This particular Panamera wasn’t one to shy away from attention, especially when flanked by the other two Porsches on display.

Mini Cooper S
Minis hold a special place as one of the most endearing brands worldwide, and the iconic Mini Cooper made its appearance in the sporty S variant featuring a dual-color scheme and a white roof. While it may not boast the credentials of other high-performance cars, its rarity in India garnered considerable attention. Recognised as one of the most enjoyable cars to drive and the easiest to manoeuvre within the mall, all thanks to its compact form factor, we found ourselves daydreaming about the Hollywood blockbuster, The Italian Job, where it stars prominently.

Mercedes-AMG A 45 S
The world’s most powerful 2.0-litre four-cylinder car made it to the Supercar Festival. Truely a hot hatch and one that didn’t have a rev limiter. The crowd enjoyed the free revving engine till the pops and bangs started at the red line. The ambience was electric with the fans chanting once more, not getting enough of this pocket rocket.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder
The Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder stole the show, attracting the most crowd. Such was the appeal of the sportscar that those who caught a glimpse of it on the first day returned on the second, accompanied by friends and family, eager to witness the Lamborghini in the flesh.

Mercedes-Benz E220 Cabriolet
The oldest car at the festival was the 1996 Mercedes-Benz E220 Cabriolet. Mercedes-Benz has been a popular choice among Indians for a considerable period, and this model was no exception. Given the uncommon presence of convertibles in India due to the prevailing tropical climate, this vintage beauty captured the attention of everyone. The Sport line variant further piqued people’s curiosity, leading many fans to search for information about the model online. Notably, this car was the only privately owned vehicle at the festival. Its owner Mr Subhash Sanas is known for his passion for Mercedes-Benz and owns one of the country’s most exclusive car collections, featuring some of the rarest cars in India.

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