Incoming: Bajaj Auto to launch the world’s first CNG motorcycle on July 05

Sarthak Bhadane
The motorcycle is likely to be a commuter motorcycle, promising fuel efficiency numbers that are unheard of

Bajaj Auto is set to launch what will be the world’s first-ever motorcycle to be use CNG as a means of propulsion, on July 05. Compressed Natural Gas, commonly referred to as CNG, is commonly a fuel used commonly in passenger cars and commercial vehicles like public transport buses as well. That said, Bajaj Auto is no stranger to CNG as a means of propulsion, as the two-wheeler maker had made history by launching India’s first CNG-propelled three-wheeler 25 years ago. However, this is the first time in the world that a two-wheeler maker will launch a motorcycle that will also use CNG as fuel. This new motorcycle is expected to be a commuter motorcycle and most likely be powered by a 110-125cc engine, mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The reason being the fact that CNG is known for its significantly lower running costs, owing to the lower cost of CNG as a fuel. The name of the motorcycle is expected to be revealed either in the coming weeks or on the day of the launch itself, and we also expect the bike to be offered in two variants: one for urban areas and a more rugged version aimed at rural areas.

This new motorcycle could also be based on the Bajaj Platina, a bike that is popular with commuter motorcycle buyers for its ultra-efficient 110cc engine, given that the CNG-powered motorcycle aims to attract cost-conscious buyers. What’s also worth noting that this CNG-powered motorcycle could prove to be a new revolution in the commuter segment, and could claim to reduce fuel expenses by up to a staggering 60-70 percent. Stay tuned for more updates.

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