Ferrari Dodici Cilindri

Abhay Verma
Ferrari’s 812 Superfast replacement, the 12 Cilindri, uses a traditional V12 sans turbocharging or hybridisation!

Trust Ferrari to buck a few trends and follow a few of its own. While the supercar world embraced forced induction long back and is accelerating hard towards hybrid powertrains, Ferrari has refused to give in, yet again! So in typical Ferrari fashion, the engine powering its new flagship is a naturally aspirated V12. On the same note, Ferrari has also gone in for a quirky name, once again. It’s simply called the 12 Cylinder or 12 Cilindri or ‘Dodici Cilindri’ as an ode to the V12 engine powering it. Ferrari is known to create new benchmarks every time it announces a new flagship supercar and the case with the 12 Cilindri isn’t different.

The V12 uses lighter, titanium connecting rods and forged pistons now, allowing it to rev to a dizzying 9,500rpm. The engine is an evolution of the mighty F140HD unit we’ve seen on the 812GTS and Purosangue both, though the motor has its roots in the legendary Ferrari Enzo. The V12 puts out 820PS at 9,250rpm and 678Nm at 7,250rpm in this guise. Ferrari claims 80 percent of that torque is available from just 2,500rpm. This is beyond imagination on what is meant to be a two-seater GT car! Claimed 0-100kmph time is 2.9 seconds while 0-200kmph can be achieved in 7.9 seconds. Claimed top speed is in excess of 340kmph. And no, the 12 Cilindri does not get all-wheel-drive!

Ferrari also states that meeting emission norms has a huge challenge, but besides that it has also had to work really hard to meet noise limits – now down to a dumber 72dB! As a workaround, Ferrari has thus focused on having occupants enjoy more of the V12 symphony inside the cabin, something we’d certainly appreciate once behind the wheel. Then there’s the car’s design, which ensures it stands out, despite having a bit of an old-school feel. The long hood housing the 65-degree V12 and wedge-shaped nose are the highlights on the design front given the way it is styled. Ferrari also states that aeronautics and sci-fi are sources of inspiration for the 12 Cilindri’s design, which in a way also explains the sharper lines.

The car features active aero in the form of flaps on either side of the spoiler, a first for a front-engined V12 Ferrari, which deploy once you cross 60kmph. Interiors are well, typically Ferrari and very futuristic. The steering houses a plethora of controls as always, besides which the driver and passenger both get their dedicated ‘cockpit’, besides which there’s a third screen in the centre console. The 12 Cilindri will also be offered as a convertible, with the option of a retractable hardtop. Expect it to cost upwards of `10 crore on-road in India, when deliveries commence in the second half of 2025.

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