• Five custom Royal Enfield motorcycles at Rider Mania 2022

Among the many custom bikes at Rider Mania, these caught our eyes

Customisation has always been an integral part of motorcycling culture. Contrary to the popular misconception that a cool custom bike makes one more attractive to the opposite sex, it only makes the owner extra popular among their biking buddies! Most people mod their bikes to show off engineering and designing skills, some to stand out from others, and some just as an expression of their identity, through their motorcycle. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no dispute that custom bikes make us bikers sit up and take notice, and these five made us literally stop in our tracks. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


The award for the most ironic name goes to this one, as it is a fully electric-powered Royal Enfield. Most likely based on a Classic, it is built by Bulleteer Customs from Bangalore and packs a 72V 80Ah battery that is cleverly hidden inside a beautifully designed enclosure with fins on it as a nod to the air-cooled RE motors. The side covers come from an Electra.


This gorgeous beauty in stainless steel is the creation of TNT Motorcycles from Delhi. The entire chassis is fabricated from 304-grade stainless steel, including the girder-style front fork. It is a hardtail, so the rider needs to be committed. A plethora of other custom SS parts is found on the bike e.g grips with internal throttle cable routing, handlebars, foot pegs, brake lever and gear lever etc.

Bombay Lokal:

Work of the Bombay Custom Works, this one started life out as a Scram 411. The engine has been tuned for more power and there is a custom exhaust with a mesh cover on the opening. Rolling on alloy rims and shod with Apollo Alpha H1 road tyres, it makes no bones about its intent on being a supermoto. But the most striking thing on this one is the gorgeous hand-painted artwork depicting the home of the builder and the hunting ground of the bike.


I have no idea how Team DJ from Kolhapur dreamed up the GGG, which looks like nothing else and seems like it came out of a dystopian future. Apart from the engine from a Classic 500, everything is fabricated with laser-cut metal forming the chassis. The front girder–style fork even has radial mounting for the brake calliper mounted to custom-made carbon wheels, and the battery relocation is not for the faint of heart. Named after the initials of the owner, the best thing about this motorcycle was it was covered in road grime, which means it is no garage queen.

Urban Roadster:

This one comes from North East India, from Aizawl, no less, courtesy of MS Customs. The Tank has scalloped knee recesses, the seat is a custom hand-made affair, and the 4.50x17 balloon rear tyre necessitated a new swingarm to be fabricated. The beautifully simple chrome headlamp dome harks back to simpler times, as do the brightly-coloured stripes on the tank and side panels.

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