• PREP-TIME - A perspective on the preparations before the 2022 BMW GS Trophy

Catching up with Team India before they head to Albania 

The BMW GS Trophy is back for 2022 and will see the finalists from the participating countries battle it out in the lower alps of the Albanian forests. This time, last year, 240 odd BMW Motorrad owners took part in the preliminary rounds conducted region wise by BMW Motorrad India. The rounds involved learning, revising and excelling in technical skills. While most riders already came with a lot of motorcycling experience and passion for the sport, only three riders would eventually make it to the top and represent the country, internationally.

Participants ranged from enthusiasts, vintage motorcycle collectors and superbike aficionados to those who are completely into motocross and dirt. The qualifiers began in multiple cities and participants engaged in 25 different exercises, all gauged for their skills, fitness and mental strength. These exercises included slow-speed hustles over technical trails, ruts and boarding planks as a simulation of what they will face. It also included a lot of manoeuvring turns that got tighter with every round and participants had to understand the dynamics in tricky conditions and bear the ort and methodical approach included a treacherous 150-odd kilometre slushy trail. India qualifying round winner, Rameez Mullick, hails from West Bengal and owns a dozen motorcycles, ranging from fast sportbikes to modern cruisers.

He draws inspiration from his father who’s also an avid motorcyclist. Adib Javanmardi from Panchgani, who placed second in the qualifiers, described the experience as ‘gruesome and mad fun'. Chowde Byre Gowda, the third Indian to qualify for the GS Trophy gave us a descriptive narration of how the training procedures were and we also grow fond of him, listening to the fact that he has a young son who rides a 65cc motocross bike skilling up in the off-road backyards of Bengaluru.

The riders will traverse through the lower Alps bombed with steep hill sections, forest roads, gravel laden and rocky terrains with humidity and summer temperatures beyond 31 degrees Celsius. They will be kicking away all modes of luxury to keep the sense of adventure alive, wild and true. The participants will also be bunking in tents under serene landscapes and the open skies of Albania. We wish the riders from Team India the very best as they join 70 odd finalists from 19 countries who will be riding for 250km on average for an entire week!

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