• A ride to explore the culture of Maharashtra

Our heritage and culture is a big part of what defines us. We head out to get a taste of Maharashtrian culture

In a world filled with a billion people, it is our culture that sets us apart and makes us unique. It is a melting pot of what we eat, what we wear and even how we celebrate which while making one stand out, does not divide but brings people together as a collective. A way of life. Take Maharashtra for example. Keeping language aside, it is their culture that gives Maharashtrians a unique identity. We set off to explore Maharashtrian culture with a set of like-minded individuals. These individuals come from all walks of life yet they too are united by culture. The culture of EVs.

You see, all of them ride electric scooters. Specifically Benling electric scooters. Benling is a global EV player that specialises in accessible electric scooters while promising to deliver on two key factors, range and performance. We joined them on a ride to explore Maharashtrian culture. 

Culture can revolve around one individual’s philosophies and what better example than Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

The 17th-century ruler is celebrated for his bravery, keen knowledge of military tactics and expanding his empire beyond Maharashtra. He was also known as the people’s king and is often celebrated with giant statues. We all decided to converge on our ride near one such statue. After exchanging pleasantries and paying our respect to the king, we head out in search of breakfast. Maharashtrian breakfast to be precise.

I am riding Benling’s latest product, the Believe. The high-speed scooter is spacious and comfortable to ride. It is quick too and we reach our next destination to devour some local cuisine. A big part of Maharashtrian food culture is the Misal Pav. And the unique bit is that every region has a distinct way of preparing it. Some old eateries even offer it with bread, an old tradition. 

As we wait for our food, I can’t help but notice how good the Benling scooters look. While the Believe looks futuristic with its twin retro headlamps and sharp lines, the Aura too cuts a handsome retro figure. No wonder, the latter is one of its best-sellers. Even the quality impresses with good fit and finish levels and tactile switchgear. 

Our stomachs full and minds satiated, we now head for a dose of Maharashtrian culture, one filled with energy. The dhol-tasha performance was originally used to motivate soldiers before going into war. Today it is used to celebrate the arrival of Lord Ganesha. Young men and women come together and perform with such fervour and zeal that it’s impossible not to be impressed. The perfect sync of 40 drums reverberates through the streets and the atmosphere is energetic. It’s a treat to witness this part of Maharashtrian culture. 

As we end our ride over some special cutting chai, we talk about our scooters. Suraj, a young entrepreneur, seems might be impressed with his scooter’s range which allows him to run around the city without range anxiety. In fact, we spent most of the day riding around the city and still had 50 percent charge left, enough to comfortably get home. And with the removable battery pack, it’s quite easy to charge too. More importantly, the Benling scooters have been reliable and comfortable companions in our cultural journey. Now, onwards to explore other cultures.

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