• Column Vir Nakai EP-18

On our never-ending search for new adventures!

Twenty four days out of the last two months I have spent riding around Nepal. First we (Helmet Stories) conducted the BMW Motorrad ride to Lower Mustang from Chandigarh and then we headed back into Nepal to finish a ride we had planned pre-COVID to the Kingdom of Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang) during the festival of Tiji. In the middle of all this I attend the launch and ride for the new Triumph Tiger Sport 660, BMW GS850, GSA 850 and XR 900 and the new big daddy, the Tiger 1200. What a mad two months it has been and what a great way to set the tone for the rest of the riding season coming up!

I can see many plans being formed and some real exciting ones that have been finalised. One such plan that is happening at the end of August and beginning September, is going to be loads of fun but I can’t say “what” yet as I have not been given clear instructions on what the protocol is. But once I know you guys will be the first to know (after I smear it on social media! Ya, now you guys don’t feel special anymore, but I shall figure a way to rectify that). But yes adventurous times ahead for sure.

Even at Helmet Stories we (Harsh, our locals partners and I) have been scouring maps and roads and trails to find new routes to ride on. New adventure seems to be scarce these days. Let’s blame it on development and infrastructure. Take Lo Manthang for instance. The first time I went there, it was hard. We had to ride through river beds and pick our own route as it depended on the flow of the river. I remember from Jomsom to Kagbeni we crossed the same river like six times. That’s because we were riding in the middle of the river bed and beside the river. Then the climb up to Lo (which is 60 odd kilometres) took us two days. Because there were three sections that was hard as nails. Each section took us an hour or so to cross with all the bikes! Rocks, silt, sand, water, fesh-fesh, narrow trails and altitude (won’t mention not so fit adventure motorcyclists and motorcycles!) all played a part in that journey. But this time the ‘Chinese’ invested roadworks have made those three sections so nice that it took us 15 seconds a poo to clear. Cause they have blasted and widened and dug deep and flattened the whole 60km of road. I mean it must be good for the area, the many small villages and of course the Kingdom of Lo (not mentioning how it’s really good for the country that paid for the roadworks for obvious reasons) but for us adventure seekers it’s taken an edge off the ride.

So hence to find this edge Harsh and I have been scouring maps and talking to locals to find some new crazy spots to ride in. Did I hear someone ask “and did you find some?” Hell ya, we have, now we need to get on some bikes and disappear for a month and ride them before we tell the world about it!

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