• Column: Vir Nakai EP-16

Goodbye dear friend...

Most of you know that my first bike, back in the day, was a Royal Enfield Machismo 350. Also, this was the same time that the Nakai family had acquired a dial-up Internet connection! After using this connection for things like ICQ, email and other nefarious activities I graduated to looking for ways to start modifying and “better” my bike. Barely anything ever came up and if it did, none of it was close to India, let alone Chandigarh. But what the Internet did bring up eventually were Yahoo groups of Enfield riders around the country. Through one such group (The Royal Beasts - The Delhi crew) I came to know of an event called Rider Mania. A yearly get-together of Enfield riders that was hosted by the club of the city that hosted it. I learnt quite a few things from these Yahoo groups. It’s where I came across Cramster riding gear and it’s owner KJ. So when I went to Panvel for the Rider Mania one year, I spent quite some time at the Cramster stall, just hanging out.

I remember clearly sitting at the stall when I saw this Matt grey single seater bullet with what looked like a search light on the handlebars. It looked vintage and purpose-built. It also had the words Nomad embossed on its tank, or was it the front fender? Anyway, I found out the bike was owned by a rider from Bangalore called Prashy. Over the years I tried my best to make it for these club BOBMC Rider Manias as they are now known. It was always a fun weekend and it’s always amazing to catch up, have a few beers and talk to peeps who share your crazy ideas. Also this was really the first time I was introduced to the community that existed around motorcycles and it was brilliant.

Only through the years did I realise Prashy was a mighty integral part of this community and how he was so instrumental in keeping it going and growing. I had the pleasure of interacting with him every now and then and he was always ever helpful and great to talk to. Conversations ranged from raiding the Himalayas to just how to make your cast iron Enfield go faster without busting the bike. Sadly on his way back to Bangalore from the BOBMC Rider Mania last month, Prashy met with a fatal accident, leaving all of us in utter shock. The motorcycling community is a better place thanks to you Prashanth. And it’s an understatement to say but you will be missed terribly.

Ride in Peace

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