• In conversation with Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder & MD, Boys and Machines

2022 is looking promising for the automotive industry, how are things looking up for you?

This year will be full of new car launches, like the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Porsche Taycan and more luxury EVs. And with the launch of a new car come the waiting periods, which give pre-owned players to bridge the gap in demand versus supply, which is a win-win for everybody.

You are very active with road shows and drag races. Do you think events are the way forward for luxury segments?

Events offer a platform for connecting and interacting with like-minded people and enjoying the machines in an organised manner. We haven’t looked at it as a medium to expand sales but events can be a way forward for luxury segments, given the target audience.

How has the response to your service initiatives been?

It is a key factor for any customer that he gets proper service assistance and we are working hard to offer all automotive solutions under one roof, including service assistance, pan-India, at affordable prices. The idea is we educate and carry out the required work on the vehicle and don’t scare customers with technical jargons, so as to assure owners that their beloved possessions are in good hands and also that we take proper care of them.

Lamborghini recently reached a new milestone, that of selling 400 cars in India. Your thoughts on the brand’s achievement?

The Urus has been a game changer for Lamborghini and 400 units being delivered in India is an apt display of its success here. A prime reason behind its popularity is the SUV’s practicality and exhilarating performance, not to forget the Lamborghini name. This also shows that lot of Indians are willing to spend on cars in the form of an indulgence, but refrained from doing so owing to the lack of practical options suitable for our driving conditions, but cars like the Urus are changing that.

What do you have in your garage currently?

I am driving a Ferrari 488 GTB, BMW 7 Series and a Mini Cooper.

What’s the one racetrack you would want to take your car/bike to and why?

Nürburgring without a doubt. That’s a Mecca for enthusiasts and I would love to experience the circuit. Now with Las Vegas confirming an F1 race for next year, I am sure a few laps on the ‘The Strip’ in Vegas will be a dream come true as well!

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