• Trinity Panthera - an electric enduro with a four-speed gearbox

Trinity’s previous offerings have all been e-scooters

Motorcycles need gearboxes because small internal combustion engines do not produce enough torque or have a high enough RPM range to accelerate or hit a reasonable cruising speed. Electric motorcycles can do away with a gearbox because they have both the torque as well as the RPM range required for single-reduction operation. However, what happens when you add a gearbox to an electric motorcycle? Matter Mobility is not the only to have done this, as German bikemaker Trinity just unveiled its Panthera electric enduro which packs a four-speed gearbox.

The motorcycle comes with two different power options - 24.5PS or 30PS, with their respective top speeds being 120kmph and 125kmph (claimed). It also has three options for battery packs, a 72V system with 40/50/60Ah and 1.5/2/2.5 hours of runtime. The manufacturer claims that with a 15A charger, 0-100 percent charging takes 3 hours, and a 20 to 80 percent juice up takes just 1.5 hours. The maximum torque at the rear wheel is 784Nm, which should be on par with 250cc to 450cc ICE enduros, except the torque delivery is completely linear for the Panthera. It even gets two riding modes - Eco and Sport.

The motorcycle costs about Rs 5.74 lakh (6,539 Euro) in its home market, which is expensive compared to other petrol-powered machines, e.g the Honda CRF 300L costs roughly Rs 4.55 lakh (5,189 Euro) in Germany. It does offer something unique, though, and we’ll be able to tell you what a geared electric motorcycle feels like after testing the Matter Aera 500 sometime in the near future.

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