• OLA Move OS 3 first impressions

The Move OS 3 introduces various new features to enhance the riding experience of the OLA S1 and S1 Pro

The much-awaited Move OS 3 for the OLA S1 and S1 Pro is finally here and we updated our long-term OLA S1 Pro to experience the latest software trickery from the EV manufacturer. Firstly, updating these scooters is as easy as updating your smartphone. Three taps and the scooter starts downloading the update over the air. After this, you need to install the OS, which takes about an hour and you cannot use the scooter during this period.

Coming to the Move OS 3, major updates include the Hill-hold function which is still in the beta stage but worked fine in our trials. First, you need to enable the hill hold functionality in the settings and simply let go of the brakes after you are at standstill on an incline. Do note that the scooter is using the motor to stop it from rolling back which can drain the battery with prolonged use. 

Hypercharging is finally enabled in the Move OS 3 and OLA claims you can get 50km of range with just 15 minutes of charging but the real-world charging speeds would depend on various factors like the ambient temperature and the state of the battery.  

Then there are the three moods that allow you to customize the looks of your dash and the scooter even plays different throttle sounds based on the mood you choose. The Vintage mood is all about nostalgia with its retro dials and the speaker putting out a sound of an old two-stroke scooter, while the Bolt mood gets a futuristic-looking dash and the sound of a jet. The Eclipse is the default mood and has the most simplistic-looking dash and the sound it puts out is rather hard to identify. 

The Move OS 3 also allows you to make multiple profiles on your scooter for different users. Adding a new rider is a simple process and each profile owner even gets individual storage space in the system to store their documents. Also new is the proximity unlocking feature thanks to which the scooter automatically unlocks as you approach it. The main party trick though is none other than the Party mode, it may be a gimmicky feature on paper but is fun when you experience it. All you have to do is simply double tap on the music widget or tap the disco ball icon and the lights of the scooter will blink in sync with the music playing via the in-built speakers. The dash now notifies you when you receive a call and you can accept or deny it using the keypad buttons. Move OS 3 also introduces a new Vacation mode which acts as a battery saver when you are not using the scooter for a long period.

Overall, the new Move OS 3 certainly provides an interesting experience of daily commuting on the OLA S1 Pro. A few updates may seem gimmicky, but features like the hill hold function, Hypercharging, proximity unlocking, vacation mode and multiple profiles do have practical applications.

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