• Renault’s new R5 Turbo 3E concept is straight out of a Cyberpunk Sci-Fi

It has all the hallmarks of a drift car, including dedicated modes for demented driving

There’s a new radical concept in town from Renault, called the R5 Turbo 3E. It  is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original Renault 5, and pays homage to the insane R5 Turbo rally car. 

It is built for all sorts of fun, being  an electric drift car with 380PS and 700Nm going straight to the rear wheels, and a steering angle of more than 50 degrees for those mad drift angles. Weighing in at exactly 1500kg (the battery alone weighs 520kg), it is significantly heavier than the featherweight original, but also packs more than twice the power. The battery capacity is rated at 42kWh, which according to Renault, is good for a few laps or a gymkhana session. 

Renault claims a 3.5-second acceleration time to 100kmph with the top speed being 200kmph. There is no mention of the range, presumably because a WLTP rating is not very useful for throwing the R5 Turbo 3E around a drift track or a gymkhana circuit.

The absolutely massive rear spoiler dominates the visuals, and the oversized theme continues inside with a gigantic handbrake lever sprouting from the centre console. The retro video game theme is everywhere, from the camo livery to the pink, blue, and yellow LEDs which flash when the car is going sideways.

Underpinned by a tubular steel chassis covered with carbon fibre bodywork, the R5 Turbo 3E has 10 different mounting points for action cameras to record the action from every possible angle for those YouTube videos. The connection with the internet doesn’t end there as Renault is also making available a bunch of NFTs based around the vehicle. 

The R5 Turbo 3E is set to make its real-world debut at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2022 contest on September 25.

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