• Dacia Manifesto Revealed As A Compact Off-road Buggy

It showcases some cool tech that could make its way onto future Dacia cars

Renault isn’t the only one aiming for a cleaner future as its sub-brand, Dacia also shares that same vision. Now, the carmaker has given a glimpse of what to expect by revealing the Manifesto concept, an off-road buggy with cool technology and methods to keep things environmentally-friendly.

At a glance, it looks like a compact buggy and clearly emphasises the great outdoors with no windows, windshield or doors. It also gets puncture-free non-pneumatic tyres. Another interesting bit on the Manifesto is its singular headlight that can be detachable and double-up as a torchlight.

Inside, things are minimalistic, yet it gets a bit of futuristic bits such as a digital driver’s display and the ability to use your smartphone for infotainment purposes. Other cool bits inside include water-proof interiors, seat covers that can be used as sleeping bags, and the roof rails being configurable in different ways. 

The environment-friendly bit lies in most of the body being made out of Starkle with the interior also fitted with natural materials such as the cork covering the dashboard. 

While Dacia hasn’t revealed details on what’s under the hood of the Manifesto concept, we know it’ll have a four-wheel drivetrain with what Dacia claims is a tough chassis. Its battery is also removable and can be used as a power source for specific appliances.

Dacia isn’t bringing the Manifesto concept into production anytime soon. But the cool tech inside it could make its way onto future Dacia models. 

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