• Continental has launched two new sensors for battery protection in electrified vehicles

These sensors are specifically designed for electromobility to support both road safety and electrification

Continental has launched two new sensors for electrified vehicles: the Current Sensor Module (CSM) and the Battery Impact Detection (BID) system. These sensors have been developed to protect the battery and Continental is planning to begin manufacturing of the CSM this year.

The CSM is designed to measure the current while simultaneously detecting the temperature, as both of these inputs are relevant for battery management. BID is a lightweight sensor placed under the floor of the car to detect any damage as the battery is the most expensive component in an electric car, the CSM was developed to protect the battery from overcurrents as well as the damaging effects of ageing. It is available as a two-channel sensor, measuring current independently by integrating shunt technology and hall technology. 

Mr Laurent Fabre, Head of Passive Safety and Sensorics Segment at Continental, said, “Vehicle electrification brings new use cases and thus opens up more opportunities to our sensor activities because an electric car has all the sensor needs a conventional car has – and more. Protecting the battery and retaining its performance, for instance, are two additional tasks in electrified vehicles. The Current Sensor Module and Battery Impact Detection solutions serve both purposes.”

The BID will help the driver in analyzing whether a high-speed impact has caused damage to the battery or not. The new BID system aims to save up to 50 percent weight when compared to current metal underfloor protection. 

The new products will further broaden Continental’s sensor portfolio and will help provide support for both road safety and electrification of vehicles.  

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