Maruti Suzuki is the largest car maker in the country and has been known for its affordable and fun to drive cars. But when it comes to the uber-important midsize premium SUV segment, the car maker has been conspicuous by its absence. Finally, Maruti Suzuki is entering the segment though and has come very well prepared, entering the ring with the all-new Grand Vitara. The Grand Vitara is not a new nameplate for India though as the SUV was sold in India a few years back. But this time, it's back as a hybrid SUV and one that boasts the highest claimed fuel efficiency number for any SUV sold in the country. That's not all though, the new Grand Vitara is also the first Maruti Suzuki in India to be equipped with AllGrip - Suzuki's own all-wheel drive system. Effectively, it isn't just the most premium Maruti Suzuki yet, but also the most tech-laden one too!

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