• Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Long Term Review Part 2

The Meteor is an instant hit amongst the masses

Mashallah, kya rang hai!" exclaimed a fellow motorist riding a customised cyan-hued Royal Enfield Classic 350. So enamoured he was by the looks and colour of my Meteor 350 long term motorcycle, he offered to buy me breakfast at the next junction. I had to decline though as it was near sundown and myself not being a fan of riding solo in the dark, I still had a long way to go. 

It wasn't a one-off event either. I've had white Toyota Fortuners run alongside with a teenager's head sticking out of the back window, gawking at the Meteor. I've had 50-year old gents strike a conversation about the Meteor outside sweet shops. It has even found favour with my wife and I think that's a big win. 

I reckon a substantial reason behind the Meteor being eye candy is the colour. Royal Enfield calls it the Supernova Blue. It is the kind of light metallic blue shade that's bright without looking gaudy and thus is a fine balance. To highlight the blue colour, the rest of the motorcycle gets a black finish with lashings of chrome. I think the other reason people love it is down to the top-spec Supernova variant looks like a scaled-down Harley-Davidson motorcycle owing to the large windscreen and pillion backrest.

The wife insists we take the Meteor wherever we go. She loves the wide and comfortable seat, especially the pillion backrest support. So far we have indulged in short rides around town and the Meteor 350 encourages two-up riding with its supple suspension setup. Next on the cards is a long-distance trip with the better half.


Garage Update

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Total: 1,549km

Previous: 1,137km

This month: 2,686km

Fuel: 48 litres

Mileage: 32kmpl

Pros: Torquey motor

Cons: Tiny mirrors

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