• Kia Sonet GTX 1.0 DCT Long Term Review

Welcoming the newest addition to the garage!

We just had to have a turbocharged petrol car in our garage! And the Kia Sonet is (hopefully!) the first of many turbo-petrols in our fleet. We have the 1.0 DCT with us – Kia Motors has managed to eke out 120PS and 170Nm from the tiny three-pot engine which is mated to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic. Clearly, Kia has positioned this particular version as a compact and sporty alternative to SUVs a segment above with its equipment levels. The engine loves being revved, which adds to the joy of giving it the stick. The DCT is quick to respond too, though a tad jerky and gear changes could have been smoother. 

The compact dimensions and tight overhangs make it as easy to put through small gaps and park as a hatchback, aided by the tall bonnet line. The driving position is also commanding and offers a good view. The Sonet is a hoot to drive around town given the cracker of a powertrain under its hood. So every time I have to overtake that pesky autorickshaw driver, I don’t need to mash the throttle and wait for the gearbox to respond. The Sonet is also very confident on the road given the sharp steering and taut suspension. Driving back home from work, especially late night when the roads are empty has been a lot of fun!

The enthusiastic driving resulted in fuel efficiency dropping to about 11.5kmpl but driven with a light right foot the Kia returns up to 14kmpl in city. I like the all-black interiors too as they exude a premium feel. I like the vertically mounted air-con vents especially. The vertical design offers a more direct airflow than your regular horizontally mounted ones. 

Kia Sonet GTX 1.0 DCT Long Term Review

The cabin is also surprisingly well-insulated from outside noise. Besides making it feel premium and classy inside out, Kia has also loaded the Sonet to the gills with features and equipment. There’s LED lights, a sunroof, Bose surround sound system, a massive touchscreen for the infotainment system, an air purifier along with an AQI index onboard, tyre pressure monitor that displays pressures for each tyre, Kia’s UVO connected technology and so much more! I also like how supportive the ventilated seats are, not to forget, the attention to detail in the form of the embroidered ‘GT Line’ logo and the red stitching. 

The rear seats aren’t too tight on space either. If they were, I surely would have heard about it from the family. I haven’t been a fan of mini-SUV’s for their pretentious nature. The Kia Sonet though brings practicality and flair into the equation. It has enough space for my small family and enough boot space for our weekly groceries and the odd weekend getaway while having the footprint of a hatchback. Next on the agenda is to check out its versatility by taking it for a long-distance trip.


Garage Update

Kia Sonet GTX 1.0 DCT

Total: 1,684km

Previous: 3,767km

Current: 5,541km

Fuel: 120 litres

Mileage: 14kmpl

Pros: Feature packed cabin

Cons: Firm suspension setup

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