• Volkswagen Virtus GT long term update: 4,724km

Taking it easy…

The Virtus has had a rather quiet and relaxed month, save for one last-minute trip to Mumbai. I had an event to attend and the travel agency goofed up the cab booking. I was of course more than willing to get behind the wheel of the Virtus and drive across the Expressway! In fact, I am always looking for reasons to take the car out, especially on long drives. 

I’ve grown particularly fond of its 1.5 TSI engine and the GT is the version I seem to like a lot for its heady mix of the 150PS turbocharged petrol engine and the seven speed DSG. Drives to Mumbai have thus been a cinch, given the sedan’s planted manners at highway speeds, besides the engaging feel from behind the wheel as you would expect of a Volkswagen.

I also find the rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlamps on the Virtus to be very useful – both are features that are becoming increasingly common and add to convenience while driving, more so on highways. The audio quality of the music system though feels average at best and given the car’s overall positioning, I would have liked a better sounding music system. What’s more, only the driver’s window gets the one touch up and down function which is a bit of a downer in my opinion and at least the GT should have had the function for all four windows. 

Overall, the Virtus has endeared itself to me a lot though and as you can see in this pic, the sedan even enjoyed the family treatment at home this month on the occasion of Dussehra!

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