• Maruti Suzuki Celerio long term update: 2,895km

This month the Celerio sees action fit for SUVs

The primary purpose of an SUV, besides looking butch and being able to tread off the beaten path, is to cover long distances between cities effortlessly and comfortably. The humble hatchback meanwhile has always had the city as its primary habitat, its comfort zone. 

The fun though is getting out of your comfort zone, no? That’s what my long term Celerio has been upto this month. It all started with a trip to Pro Dirt in Pune to ride the new Moto Morini and Zontes motorcycles. Getting to the vast adventure park is an adventure in itself with the rocky path best suited for UVs and SUVs. I am not worried about traversing this terrain with my Celerio, despite having two passengers and a boot topped up with riding gear and camera equipment. 

The Celerio is capable of covering the unbeaten path owing mainly to three traits - short overhangs, a short wheelbase and 15-inch wheels. The compact dimensions allow me the freedom to choose my line in the narrow path to avoid deep ruts while the 1.0-litre motor has enough grunt to clamber over exposed rocks. 

The very next day, I have to head to Kalyan and not only did I decide to take the Celerio, I skip the fast but dreary expressway for the remote but scenic Karjat route. Despite lashing rains, the Celerio impresses with its stability at highway speeds though I would have preferred if the steering weighed up at speed as well. Other than that the compact hatchback is quite impressive in terms of comfort over long distances and the ability to soak in those missed potholes without breaking a sweat. What adventure should I have with the Celerio next?

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