• Hero Maestro Edge 125 long term update: 6,403km

A whirlwind experience!

The fascinating thing about perspectives is that you tend to keep discovering new elements about things or people even if you have known them for a long time. I recently had a similar epiphanic experience with my long-termer, the Hero Maestro Edge 125.

A friend of mine, who is a massive Marvel fan, insisted on binge-watching the Avengers movies one fine Sunday night and I obliged. The next morning, while walking up to the Maestro, I noticed something different about the DRL on the front apron. I didn’t pay much attention then since I had to rush to the office, as is the case with Monday mornings! But that feeling kept pinging on my head and I decided to stop the scooter on the side of the road to take a proper look. After thinking long and hard about it, I realised that the DRL looks very similar to the glowing triangular arc reactor on Iron Man’s suit. I’ve always liked the styling on the scooter with its slim headlamps and the chiselled front apron. But the DRL, especially, has caught my fancy recently and looks even more rad at night with its bright, white illuminance. On top of that, the beautiful pearlescent-esque Prismatic Purple paint job in combination with the slashy livery design even reminded me of T’Challa from Wakanda at one point, giving me the full Marvel experience long after the movie night ended a few days prior and my friend had moved on to her next weekend’s plans.

And that’s the thing about perspectives and how they can strike a chord and keep your grey matter occupied about things you normally don’t obsess about. Phew, what a headrush!

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