• Hyundai i20 N Line long term update: 8,770km

Dual personalities!

The Hyundai i20 N Line has been in the TURBOCHARGED garage for a while now. And considering the N Line is the sportier version of the regular i20, it’s obvious that the major talking points whenever we have tested it before have been related to the car’s enthusiast-centric driving dynamics. But this time, it’ll be different because I tested the other not-sotalked about aspects of the car.

My family came to Pune to visit me for a couple of weeks last month and on the last weekend before their departure back to Guwahati, we went on a road trip around Lonavala on the i20 N Line. Enthusiastic driving was out of the question as my brother and sister-in-law are due to pop a celebratory blue or pink balloon in the next few months.

I had to be really careful with my driving to avoid any potholes and cracks on the road. But even while going over some of the unavoidable bad patches, surprisingly, the elements of N Line’s comfortable hatchback roots could still be felt as it managed to provide a somewhat softer and comfortable ride quality, even with the stiffened suspension. I found the cabin space in the i20 N Line to be in abundance as my family of five fullygrown adults fitted in very comfortably over the weekend road trip.

That said, I did get a taste of the car’s improved handling characteristics and the snarling exhaust note when the N Line got to open its lungs on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Now that’s definitely hooked me to test the i20 N Line’s other more obvious aspects next time out!

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