• Kia Seltos long term update: 2,993km

The Seltos impresses with its comfortable ride and features

Last month, I swapped two wheels for four to beat the heatwave going across the country. This month, I continue to do so given that the heat remains unabated. However, instead of the Magnite, I have been using the Kia Seltos for my office commutes. The Seltos has been one of the favourites in the TURBOCHARGED garage and that’s not just down to its low running costs on account of having a diesel heart. It is the in-cabin experience that makes the Seltos a pleasure to drive.

The well-laid out dashboard means most controls are within reach and both the infotainment system and instrument console are quite informative and intuitive to use. The seats are comfortable and while the leather finish feels premium, the party trick is the seat ventilation that in a country like ours is a necessary feature to have next to air conditioning. The AC on the Seltos works well too and does a brilliant job of rapidly cooling the cabin. There are other party tricks like the informative HUD display which you can even stow away with the touch of a button. But the one I like most is the blind view monitor which shows vehicles and pedestrians in your blind spot on the instrument cluster when you use the turn indicators. Parking the larger Seltos is easier too thanks to the boxy dimensions and front camera besides the 360-degree camera.

Also, I did find out that you can disable the locking unlocking horn (Thanks Nabeel). Simply hold the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob together and that does it.

A road trip with the Seltos is in the works and more on that next time.

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