• Hero Maestro Edge 125 long term update: 4,647km

The Hero Maestro Edge is my newest muse

Having spent most of my professional time shooting exotic sportscars, I have not looked upon scooters as a work of art. After all, scooters are what you define as convenient commuters no? So when I was handed over the keys to the Maestro Edge, it was more of an office commuter to me. That is until Ben challenged me to show off my artistic abilities with the Maestro Edge. With the gauntlet thrown down, I have spent the last month riding around Pune in search of the perfect spot to photograph my muse.

The quest has had me travelling far and wide, entering narrow bylanes of the peth areas and battling traffic to check out Victorian-era buildings in Camp. During these journeys, I realise just how likeable the Maestro Edge is. It is quite easy to ride in traffic and feels light on its feet. Its 125cc motor too is a punchy unit and makes overtakes quite easy. Then there is the storage space that’s quite important for a photographer to store equipment. The boot is deep enough to hold my helmet or small camera bag and with the boot light, it’s quite convenient to rummage through my bag in the dark. The floorboard holds my large camera bag with ease too.

The image you see on top was shot in one such subway around Pune. For me, this graffiti resonates with the Maestro Edge 125’s edgy lines and sharp details. I think Hero has done a fantastic job with the Maestro Edge 125, retaining the commuter silhouette but adding sharp lines and edgy graphics to make it sporty. The colour combination adds a graffiti-like feel too.

I will be spending the coming months shooting my new muse around Pune. Stay tuned.

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