• TVS Jupiter 125 first ride review

TVS’s flagship Jupiter impressed on its test track, does it do so in the real world too?

Last year we rode the TVS Jupiter 125 on the bikemaker’s factory test track in Hosur and came away quite impressed. The flagship Jupiter brought a lot of firsts for the manufacturer and laid out a blueprint for its future scooters as well. It felt quick and refined on the track and handled well too. But a track ride willl tell you just a small portion of the story. The scooter has to perform in the real world no? We spend a few days with the Jupiter riding it mostly in the city and the highway as well.

While the Jupiter 125 retains the familiar scooter silhouette, it manages to stand apart and look more premium with its flowing lines, bold front apron and large chrome accents. The smoked visor atop the LED headlamp adds a sporty touch while the LED tail section with neatly integrated turn indicators are a cool touch. The machined alloy wheels bring in the sporty quotient and stand out thanks to the bright orange paintjob.

However the highlights are the thought behind the design that bring in more practicality than any of TVSs other scooters. For example the five-litre fuel tank is shifted below the floorboard and can be filled via a filler located on the front apron.

This is hands down the most convenient place when filling fuel at the pump. The other benefit is that it liberates underseat storage which is almost twice as large as some scooters! However, the space is shallow and does not hold a full-sized helmet which is dissapointing. The long seat is larger and more comfortable than the Jupiter and the scooter’s longer length also liberates more floorboard space that can easily hold a gas cylinder should you need to transport one.

The instrument console is a conservative semi-digital unit with a blue backlit display. The display isn’t that bright during the day and feels dated. A white backlit unit should help. It is informative though and displays the time, fuel level, average and instantaneous fuel efficiency and distance to empty. No Bluetooth connectivity when even the 110cc Jupiter gets one is dissapointing. A highlight is the starter generator which makes starting the scooter an instantaneous and polished affair. It also makes the start-stop operation seamless.

For safety, the start-stop function only allows you to start the scooter once you have rolled the accelerator to the stop position. While this is a longer process, the workaround is once the engine switches off, keep the throttle slightly open. This way when the light turns green, simple roll off the throttle and the engine comes to life cutting down the starting process.

The 124.8cc motor is quite refined but has a mild resonance at city speeds and when you are riding above 60kmph. It puts out 8.3PS and 10.5Nm. It is a torquey motor with most of the grunt concentrated in the low to mid-range. Power delivery is linear and while it can be quick, you do have to work the throttle to stay ahead of traffic. It is not as quick as some of the sporty 125cc scooters out there but manages to stay ahead of the 110cc scooters with ease. The relative lack of grunt at higher revs can be felt out on the highway where post 70kmph, progress slows down.

An impressive aspect is how well the Jupiter 125 manages to find a fine balance between ride and handling. It glides over small road imperfections and even manages to absorb most of the large potholes or ruts. In fact, my wife who is mostly critical of the ride quality offered by scooters was quite pleased with the Jupiter’s ride quality and its ability to soak up bumps. It handles quite well too and feels planted at high speeds. The highlight are the brakes which offer fantastic bite and feedback making it one of the best braking scooters in the segment.

Prices for the TVS Jupiter 125 start at Rs 78,175 ex-showroom. While it is a conservative looking scooter, given the premium feel, practicality, comfort and refinement, the Jupiter 125 makes a strong case for itself as a family scooter.

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