• Kia Seltos long term update: 2,304km

The Kia’s diesel motor turns out to be a great all-rounder

A highlight of this month has been reviewing the BMW X4 30d. Its 3.0-litre straight six diesel impressed with its heady acceleration and sheer thrust and making a strong case for performance diesels. After dropping back the X4, I jumped into my long term Seltos and honestly, it kind of made me miss the X4 less.

This despite the 1.5-litre diesel motor in the Seltos displacing half the BMW’s engine capacity and having two cylinders less. I reckon it has more to do with performance being highly accessible than being over the top like the X4. Diesels have come a long way since the start of the century and the 1.5-litre unit in the Seltos is a prime example. It pushes out a respectable 115PS and 250Nm and while these numbers are not as heady as the BMW, the way the performance is accessible is quite impressive. Be it driving in bumper-tobumper traffic or tracking on the steep slopes of Lavasa, I have rarely found the motor to be gasping for breath. There is always a healthy wave of torque on offer accompanied by the sweet sound of the turbocharger spooling up.

Modern day diesels have become quite adept in masking turbo lag. I still remember my early journalism days when we struggled to climb the hills of Ooty in a diesel sedan. I am quite confident that the Seltos will reach the top without breaking a sweat. A part of this convenience stems from the intuitive torque convertor gearbox which besides adding convenience makes sure you are in the right gear at any given time. Even fuel efficiency has been consistent at around 13kmpl in the city which adds to the cheerful experience.

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