• Hero Maestro Edge 125 long term update: 3,311km

The 125cc scooter sees a lot of action this month, in the city and outside it too

The Maestro Edge 125 has had a busy month. Despite having access to most of the cars in the TURBOCHARGED fleet, I’m still putting it to extensive use, since nothing beats the convenience of a scooter in a city like Pune. Especially when it is a 125cc scooter like the Hero Maestro Edge 125, powered by an eager powertrain.

Of course, one of the bigger reasons why I’ve favoured the scooter is the sheer convenience of slicing through traffic. The motor is tuned for strong low end grunt and I also like the precise fuelling which makes for a very responsive throttle, allowing me to dart through slow traffic easily and overtake on a whim.

Another impressive bit is the headlight, equipped with twin LED projectors. It offers a strong beam and a brilliant spread and I feel the Maestro Edge has one of the best headlamps available on a 125cc scooter currently.

This month I also took the Maestro Edge on a long ride with Ishan as pillion! While he grumbled about not being given to ride, he was pretty content sitting pillion. He found the pillion seat and pillion rider triangle to be comfortable too. And that’s something I can attest to myself, as I rode pillion on the way back (Ishan’s incessant grumbling got to me and I caved in!).

The ride quality is firm but good and despite a smaller 10-inch rear wheel, the Maestro Edge manages to cushion the pillion from shocks on broken roads.

I have not had any issues with the scooter so far, except for a buzzing sound from the front panel, which I’m sure will be taken care of in the next service.

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