• Royal Enfield Classic 350 long term update: 3,657km

Shattering stereotypes, and how!

It’s time to say goodbye to my long-term Royal Enfield Classic 350. And before it went back, I decided to catch one final sunset with it. It feels strangely emotional letting this motorcycle go. Irrational, given it was never here to stay for long, but long enough to win hearts and smiles.

A decade ago, Royal Enfields were warriors of great adventures, but reliability was the chink in its armour. Today, it has been reinforced and the Royal Enfield 350cc experience is sublime. Weirdly, I don’t miss the thump, it was before my time. Personally, I never really came to appreciate it anyway. But, this one chugs along nonchalantly just like the oldies. I don’t miss the “It’s not leaking, it’s marking its territory” bit, the one is built very well! Mine didn’t give up on me, despite abusing her off tarmac a fair bit. Yeah, kick-starting the old one was an art I’m told, but mine cranks with one push of the starter. I can tune a carb, but the fuel injection on mine loves to travel as much as I do and adjusts to new environments well.

These new manners make the Classic 350 a fantastic motorcycle to begin your journeys on. It retains the folklores of yesterday and also properly modernises them, allowing for an uninterrupted ‘Royal Enfield’ experience. But what’s interesting is how the silhouette of the past, be it the meaty design, the use of chrome, retro split-seats, a long bottle chrome exhaust carry all carry the heritage ahead with the same grace. Like a son entering the big new world dressed in everything new along with his father’s old wristwatch! Goodbye old friend, sorry for the bruises and thank you for the adventures!

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