• Hyundai i20 N Line: 5,149km

Stealing the performance hatch from the Ed for a night out was a good idea!

Ed has been having a gala time with the i20 N Line these past few months so when he going to travel for a week or so, I snuck the keys to the hatchback. I consider myself a practical individual hence have an affinity for adventure tourers, scooters and hatchbacks too!

I really like the i20 N Line’s approach to the performance hatch genre. It looks the part without really compromising on practicality, like the ground clearance. I have always been of the opinion that white cars are driven by boring individuals but then the i20 N Line in white with the red accents does tend to sway your opinion, looking very sporty. The piano black accents on the bumpers and subtle use of red is right up my alley.

Even the interiors are done up right. The all-black cabin with red accents screams sportiness besides which the cabin features all possible creature comforts. I own the first generation i20 and since inception, the hatchback has always been leading the way with its exhaustive feature list. This one impresses even more with its connectivity options, especially Apple CarPlay, which I religiously use while driving.

Another feature I like to have in my cars is a good music system. Over the past few months, I have been spoilt by premium sound systems in some of our luxury test vehicles and admittedly, the N Line’s seven-speaker Bose system impresses as well!

If I were to nit-pick, I would have liked an additional Type-C cable connectivity as all new generation smartphones come with them. Ventilated seats would have been a boon in our sweltering summers too. We might just see these features being added in Hyundai’s next update for the i20 N Line. I’m really liking the car overall, so maybe it’s time to convince Ed to give it to me!

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