• Nissan Magnite long term update: 12,402km

The Magnite has been spending its time justifying the ‘Sporty’ tag in SUV

This month we took a sub-compact SUV up north to the snow. It was an eye-opening experience of sorts, that when taken out of its natural habitat (the city) these SUVs can surprise you with its touring ability and more importantly its capability in the rough stuff.

Closer home, the Nissan Magnite impresses no less. It has been our go-to vehicle for our frequent Mumbai-Pune runs and even weekend getaways. It can handle the rough stuff too as we found out when we took a trail in search of the perfect camping ground. While it might feel normal for hardcore 4X4 SUVs, the trail was bumpy and rutted in places and would have your average hatchback and sedan scraping its belly. The Nissan Magnite did not. Not even with a full complement of passengers and their weekend luggage.

Its short overhangs and 205mm clears most obstacles with ease while the 16-inch wheels easily clamber over small rocks. Also with a kerb weight of just over a tonne, the Magnite does not feel cumbersome and glides even through slushy terrain.

The 100PS turbo-petrol mill is grunty enough to drive up to that small hillock and the CVT is well attuned to ensure you are not lacking for power in tricky situations.

Also, the Magnite has been consistently returning a fuel efficiency between 14- 15kmpl and that’s with me driving it around with a heavy foot 90 percent of the time. With a lighter foot and on highway runs I have been able to manage around 18kmpl which is impressive for a turbo-petrol mill.

Taking it around Pune for the occasional weekend trips with the team, I have come to realise that the Nissan Magnite does justify the Sport in its SUV tag.

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