• Hero Maestro Edge 125 long term update: 2,032km

A sporty 125cc scooter in a conventional body seems like a win-win

We at TURBOCHARGED love sporty scooters. They are fantastic everyday runabouts and are fun to ride around town. That said some sporty scooters do compromise on practicality and are on the expensive side. The Hero Maestro Edge 125 here takes care of both these aspects and shortens your commutes especially if you ride through the city like me.

The conventional bodywork offers enough legroom to place my backpack while the large underseat stowage space gets a bright light so you aren’t fumbling through it in the dark. The underseat opening function is controlled via the ignition as is the fuel flap though you still have to unscrew the filler cap like you would in a car. It is quite an irritant to the petrol pump attendant.

This is a good-looking scooter and looks even more attractive in this special Prismatic Purple paint job which in certain light looks silver or green. It gets twin projector LED lamps that offer a fantastic beam spread and are quite bright. The full-digital console is easy to read and quite informative too.

The highlight though is the motor. It is one of the most powerful 125cc motors out there. However, it is the way it performs in the city that makes the Maestro Edge 125 endearing. To stay ahead of traffic and dart through gaps, you need good low-end grunt and fantastic throttle response. This scooter impresses with its pace especially at speeds upto 40kmph, exactly what you need to be quick in traffic. It handles surprisingly well too. This balance of practicality and fun makes the Maestro Edge 125 currently my favourite commuter.

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