The TVS NTorq 125 Race XP is India’s only 125cc scooter with more than 10PS power and riding modes. Is it the best performance-oriented scooter in the country then?

The TVS NTorq 125 has been the favourite scooter of the auto journo cohort for its enthusiastic motor and sporty handling. Even the Ed has one in his garage. In fact, every time TVS sends the long-term, ranks are pulled to get hold of its keys. However, the BS6 update robbed the scooter of its performance causing a hue and cry among enthusiasts. Thankfully, TVS has taken the feedback to heart and launched the unhinged variant of the NTorq aptly named Race XP. Besides racy looks and comprehensive feature updates, it now gets a more powerful motor too. In fact, it is the only 125cc scooter on sale that offers more than 10PS along with functional riding modes. Has TVS done enough to satiate the enthusiast’s needs like the BS4 NTorq did?

Now, to make it look ‘racy’ as the name suggests, TVS has given it a few cosmetic updates. It gets a dual- tone red and grey paint job and ‘Race’ emblazoned across the side. It also gets sporty red alloys! When it comes to features, the NTorq has always been a loaded scooter with its digital dash offering data like acceleration and lap times. The NTorq Race XP adds more tech to the mix in the way of the Race XP app that offers ride statistics and voice assist features. Another major update is the inclusion of two ride modes which is a feature never seen before on scooters. Christened Race and Street, they alter the power delivery. The Street mode offers a milder state of tune with reduced power in the interest of fuel efficiency while the Race mode offers full power.

However, the most  important  change  is  to the powertrain. TVS has fettled with the 124.8cc fuel-injected motor and the Race XP now delivers 10.2PS and 10.8Nm, 0.8PS and 0.3Nm more than the standard NTorq 125. Not just that, TVS has even managed to shed two kilos off the Race XP’s weight.

Does that make for a quicker scooter then? During the VBox tests, the Race XP reached 60kmph from standstill in 7.79 seconds and 80kmph in 15.09 seconds. That makes it 0.37 seconds quicker to  60kmph and 0.14 seconds quicker to 80kmph than the BS4 NTorq 125, which was the performance benchmark back then.

Similar to the standard BS6 NTorq 125, the Race XP’s performance feels concentrated in the mid although it feels a lot stronger. The grunt seems to be delivered better at both ends as well. Performance seems to taper off post 80kmph although the Race XP also has a higher top speed. TVS claims 98kmph and the speedo goes way beyond 106kmph, when given the space. When ridden back-to-back with the BS4 Ntorq, the power delivery doesn’t feel as linear though. However, blame the regulations for it and not TVS we’d say.

The additional horses also make the Race XP a hoot to ride in the city. Throttle response is sharp while acceleration is zestful making overtakes surprisingly easy. In the city, you are never lacking for power and the enthusiastic motor eggs you to wring the throttle every time you see an open stretch.

The underpinnings are carried over and you still get that firm and sporty suspension setup. Coupled with the wider tyres, the Race XP is an eager handler with quick steering which makes it fun to ride in corners. It is quite stable too, both in corners and at highway speeds as well. The suspension has a firm edge owing to its sporty intentions although it crashes when the scooter runs over speed bumps. Another highlight is the strong braking package which adds to the scooter’s race cred.

Priced at ₹84,025 ex-showroom, the NTorq 125 Race XP costs ₹12,000 more than the standard BS6 NTorq 125. The extra money gets you more performance, features and a better ride experience than its BS4 predecessor. In fact, the performance is so good that the Race XP questions the ₹23,000 premium that the Aprilia SR 160 asks over the TVS. The Race XP is now the performance benchmark. Pair that with the practical nature and you have one of the best scooter packages in the country!


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