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By 1943, Willy Breitling had built a name for himself as a maker of aircraft instrumentation  and tool watches that met the functional needs of wartime. But the third-generation Breitling  founder also dreamt of a time after the war, when utility would give way to unbridled optimism.  With that future in mind, he designed a series of elegant chronographs and assigned them the  best materials, the best finishings and the best calibers. He called his new line the Premier. 

Reintroduced by Breitling in 2021, the Premier Heritage chronograph collection revived Willy’s  dream of seeing the functional chronograph made undeniably elegant and infinitely wearable  — in his words, “the unmistakable stamp of impeccable taste.” Today, the Swiss watchmaker  adds six new references to the Premier assortment, all of them powered by the self-winding  Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01.

“We are committed to preserving Willy Breitling’s bold vision of combining the precision of a  professional tool watch with the sophistication of a modern dress watch,” says Breitling CEO  Georges Kern. “The Premier embodied the hopeful energy that emerged in the postwar era, and  we are proud to continue that tradition with a modern-retro version for our times.” 


Breitling’s specialty has always been the chronograph, and each of the brand’s three founding  fathers had a role in shaping it. From the moment he started his business in 1884, Leon Breitling  put his expertise into perfecting the pocket-watch timekeeper. His son Gaston introduced the  first wrist-worn models that included an independent pusher at 2 o’clock. And his grandson Willy  added the second pusher at 4 o’clock — establishing the form of the modern chronograph that  is used across all of watchmaking today. Willy would then go on to take the family vision one  step further, giving the chronograph style as well as function.  

The new Premier B01 Chronograph 42 assor tment also lives up to Willy Breitling’s  uncompromising technical standards. The six models are powered by the self-winding  Breitling Caliber 01, a manufacture movement designed for maximum precision, reliability,  and functionality. First released in 2009, it is one of the most highly regarded chronograph  movements in the industry. As with all of Breitling’s mechanical calibers, each one has achieved  the rigorous COSC certification for accuracy within -4 and +6 seconds per day.  

Just as grueling is Breitling’s own in-house 16-year-aging equivalent that includes shock testing  (approx. 60,000 shocks at 500 G), crown testing (more than 100,000 crown winds), winding of  the oscillating weight (3,456,000 weight turns) and chronograph pusher testing (approx. 5,840  start-stop-reset engagements).  

The latest iteration of the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01 found in the new Premier chronograph  was redesigned in 2022 and features a trimmer profile and more compact oscillating weight  that can be admired through the transparent sapphire-crystal caseback. The movement comes  with a five-year warranty and provides an approximate 70-hour power reserve. In keeping with  Willy’s desire to marry usability with elegance, the Premier now comes with a 100 m (10 bar)  water resistance. 

To create the design of the new Premier, Breitling preserved distinctive vintage-Premier design  details, including the smooth fixed bezel, twin-register dial, streamlined rectangular pushers,  and applied Arabic numerals. At 42 mm, the case diameter is slightly larger than the 40 mm  found on the existing B09 (manual-wind) models. The tone-on-tone subdials with chronograph  minutes at 3 o’clock and running seconds at 9 o’clock lend a polished style, while new dial shades  in salmon, blue, green, black, and cream add a contemporary twist to the stainless-steel models.  A further variation in 18K red gold features a classic cream dial. The watches come on a choice  of classic alligator leather strap or sleek 7-row metal bracelet.



The launch of the new Premier B01 Chronograph 42 coincides with the publication of Premier  Story, part three of the Watch Stories series that chronicles some of the world’s most celebrated  timepieces. Author Fred Mandelbaum, Breitling’s official brand historian and the world’s foremost  Premier collector, guides readers through Willy Breitling’s ultimately successful (but often  tumultuous) quest to take the humble chronograph out of the aircraft cockpit and onto the  wrists of the world’s style-setters — a journey that began 80 years ago.  

“As Breitling’s historian, I’ve been living the wildest dreams of any passionate collector,” says  author Fred Mandelbaum. “For this book, I was granted unprecedented access to the Breitling  company archives and, through Gregory Breitling, son of founding-father Willy Breitling, was  privileged to gain access to the family collection of watches, documents, photographs, and a  wealth of personal memories.” 

Illustrated in exquisite photography, including rarely-before-seen vintage watches, Premier  Story not only provides an account of the Premier’s history, but also offers invaluable resources  for collectors on how to authenticate vintage models, along with how to date pieces by hands shape, logo, and serial number. A chapter on calibers reveals the evolution of the Premier  movements from 1943 to 2023, with content connected by QR code to videos of the intricate  mechanisms in action. Premier Story is a fascinating — and exceptionally practical — deep  dive into one of history’s great watches.  

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