• Five things we love about the Royal Enfield Super Meteor

The most expensive Royal Enfield ever has some tricks up its sleeve

The Super Meteor is the newest motorcycle from Royal Enfield, and one of the coolest new motorcycles of recent times. Here are five cool things we love about the middleweight mile-muncher:

The paint finish:

While Royal Enfield paint finishes have always been good, the finish on the Super Meteor is on a whole different level. The pain gleams under sunlight as well as the neons of a city street in equal measure, captivating the passers-by.

The LED Headlamp:

This is the first RE with an LED headlamp. Also, the Super Meteor gets all-LED illumination. The tail lamp and even the indicators are LED. The Super meteor is a perfect balance between retro and modern and this is another example of that philosophy.

The adjustable levers:

However many bikemakers may try, it is difficult to make one-size-fits-all motorcycles, so adjustability goes a long way to accommodate different-sized riders. To that effect, the Super Meteor gets adjustable levers which makes life that much easier.

The Showa USD Big Piston Forks:

The first time Royal Enfield put on upside-down forks on a motorcycle, they went all the way and got Showa Big Piston Forks which are pretty well-known around the world for being one of the best in business.

Standard Tripper Navigation:

Cruisers are supposed to be relaxing, so Royal Enfield ditched the tachometer found on the other 650s, and that freed up the space to mount the Tripper navigation pod. Particularly useful for cruiser motorcycles, don’t you think?

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