• Metzeler introduces MCE 6 Days Extreme Extra Soft enduro tyres

This series of tyres is named after the famous International Six Days Enduro event

Metzeler, the German tyre manufacturer, has broadened its offering in the enduro competition tyre segment by adding a new compound to its current offering under the MCE 6 Days Extreme series. The Extra Soft, the softest compound yet, joins the Standard, Medium, Soft and Super Soft compounds that were already available. 

The tyre is offered in only one size, 140/80 R18, which should work on most competition enduro motorcycles. Metzeler redesigned the knobs on the tyre to offer better grip at higher lean angles, to prevent high wear and to give the tyre greater resistance to fatigue. Another cool fact about this tyre is that it has consistent deformation characteristics, which should make it an easier tyre to use, even for less experienced riders.

Metzeler has given the tyre three parallel white tripes to set it apart from the other compounds, each of which has its own colour code. Metzelers also claimed that the tyre is based on 100 percent Carbon Black and also has a wide operating temperature range.

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