• The Porsche Vision GT goes topless

 Porsche has given it its own identity to make more than just a roofless Vision GT coupe

Back in November 2021, Porsche had revealed the Vision GT, a space-age race car concept that had everyone’s eyes fixated on it for the Playstation Gran Turismo 7 videogame. So how do you improve upon that? By removing the roof of course. Enter the Vision GT Spyder concept that is more than just a roofless Vision GT. 

Looking at it from the outside, it retains a lot of what made the Vision GT coupe stand out with a low and wide stance, massive wheels that honour the Taycan EV as well as 911-esque thin connected tail lamps. But for the Spyder, the roof is completely gone and there’s only a small opening for the driver cockpit. This gives off roadster vibes especially with that clean finish. 

While a close cockpit shot wasn’t revealed we know it’ll be futuristic with the coupe as its reference. The highlight of it being a drivers display featuring a holographic effect. 

Porsche hasn't revealed the technical specifications of the Vision GT Spyder, but we know from the video game that its coupe counterpart can hit 0-96kmph in just 2.1 seconds.

Gamers won’t have to wait too long to virtually drive the Vision GT Spyder as the concept will be available on Gran Turismo 7 from September 29 onwards.


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