• There’s A Flex-Fuel Toyota Coming To India On September 28

The Union Transport Minister recently emphasised the use of flex-fuel technology at ACMA 2022

It is no secret that Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari has been an advocate for cleaner sources of fuel for vehicles in the country with a particular focus on flex-fuel technology. At the recently concluded 62nd ACMA convention, Nitin Gadkari did just that and has also revealed that “on the 28th of this month I am going to launch the Toyota flex-fuel engine car in Delhi.”

Unfortunately, details on the upcoming flex-fuel Toyota model are scarce as neither Gadkari nor Toyota have further commented on it. But it's likely to be a pilot project for India like the Toyota Mirai that was revealed earlier this year to showcase hydrogen tech. 

A flex-fuel car is essentially an ICE motor that is capable of running on a mixture of more than one type of fuel which usually includes a mix of petrol or ethanol or methanol. This is possible thanks to alterations to the ECU mapping as well as the fuel compressor sensor. 

Other than this announcement from Nitin Gadkari, Maruti Suzuki is the only other carmaker that has announced plans to incorporate flex-fuel tech with plans to have their entire lineup  E20-ready by 2023.


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