• Honda reveals its most powerful Civic Type R

The performance hatchback celebrates its amiable stint of three decades

The culmination of Honda factory performance based on the 11th generation Civic hot hatch weaved with class-leading performance and immersive cockpit experience awaits to be acknowledged by the driving enthusiasts.

Engineered from ground zero, the Civic Type R is all set to provide an enthralling experience on the road and on the racetrack. The excitement just began here as the new Civic Type set a new track record for a front-wheel-drive car at the legendary Suzuka circuit at two minutes and 23.120 seconds, faster by a second than the previous iteration.

The new design is muscular and is integrated well with advanced aerodynamics. Compared to the previous model, this is longer, wider, and larger yet striking with sleek and edgy features. The front bumper adds to an aggressive stance and features a sporty-looking honeycomb mesh that sits behind the blacked-out splitter. The grille also echoes a honeycomb structure and blends well with the LED headlamps accentuating the front. 

The muscular wheel arches neatly engulf the race-spec lightweight 19-inch alloys and come shod with ultralow profile 265 section Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. The front fender grilles behind the front wheels and the side sill enhances aerodynamics on the go. 

The rear fancies a newly designed spoiler which is massive in size, and the geometric tail lights begin from the rear quarter panel and carry the continuity while running through a LED bar on the tail. A three-piece bit for the tailpipes sitting in the centre of the blacked-out diffuser adds to the sporty demeanour of the really-hot hatch!

The interiors are all-new, with a red theme throughout. Red goes on the suede-like fabric of the race-focused seats, trim, and floor carpet. The Honda logo on the steering wheel also comes in red highlight. The dashboard misses out on the cabin sparkle as it is driver-focused. However, it gets an exclusive touch with the ‘Type R’ billet engraved with the respective serial number. The gear shifter knob gets an anodized metal finish with demarcations in bold red.

The centre console packs a few dedicated buttons along with drive mode selection, and the special +R button will instantly give details of the drive on the infotainment screen. A graphic engine rpm display, rev indicator lights, and gear position indicator come at the top of the same screen, and a lower multi-information display shows vehicle information selected by the driver. The digital instrument cluster sports a G-force meter, and a fancy feature is the option to choose between a dial-type and a bar-type graphic readout for the tachometer. There is a provision for a stopwatch as well. The instrument cluster and the infotainment screen give a readout of the G-forces on the go.

The older 2021 Honda Civic Type R produced 310PS and 400Nm torque and had a top whack of 272kph. Performance figures are not revealed yet for the latest one. However, Honda claims it’s more powerful and a better handler than the previous generation, thanks to the revised and re-tuned turbocharged 2.0-litre mill and a newly designed stiffer monocoque body. 

Colour options are many, and one can choose from Historic Championship White – a ‘Type R’ exclusive finish revered by Honda enthusiasts, Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Crystal Black Pearl and Sonic Grey Pearl. 

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