XUV700 will be launched in October 2018.

The launch date of Mahindra XUV 700 is delayed by few days and the reason behind this is the launch of Honda CRV on the same date. Mahindra has taken this step to give spotlight to its premium SUV.

The launch of XUV 700 will be in October 2018.

This premium SUV will Rival Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Honda CRV. Mahindra is yet to announce the official name of XUV 700. Mahindra has given the code name Y 400 to this premium SUV internally. XUV 700 is a rumoured name and Mahindra is yet to confirm the name of the premium SUV officially.
Mahindra XUV500 is already a famous SUV of Mahindra and has won the confidence of Indians, so launching Y 400 with a badge of XUV can be a plus point for Mahindra to gain popularity.

Image Source – cartoq.com

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